VICEDO MARTI S.L.has the scope defined for its management system: The design, manufacture of moulds and injection of thermoplastic parts.


Our quality policy provides the reference framework for the organisation, in which the strategic lines are established and the objectives defined, which are reviewed and updated annually.


To offer solutions to the needs of our customers, by providing integrated development of their plastic products, with the highest quality, as well as the involvement and professional development of our employees, all this without losing our identity as a family company that is environmentally sustainable and committed.


To be the main business partner for our customers by offering the best service, innovation and quality, and to attract new projects and partners in the subcontracting sector.

To position ourselves and be leaders as a company in product development specialising in the sectors of cosmetics and health.



  • Competitiveness

  • Guarantee

  • Service

VICEDO MARTI S.L. is committed to meeting customer, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as complying with the following standards: ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 and its prior license of Sanitary Products facilities Nº 7594-PS for the manufacture of health products, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system (Quality, Hygiene, Medical devices and the Environment) and its processes. Through promoting the use of process focus and thinking based on risks and working in accordance with the facility and document requirements, which arise from compliance with the good practice guide for manufacture of plastic materials and objects in contact with food published by the Department of Health. Moreover, it is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and continuous improvement.

This policy is communicated to VICEDO MARTÍ personnel and is accessible to all interested parties.



VICEDO MARTI S.L.,  as a dynamic, robust company with a vocation to lead, and as part of a technologically cutting-edge and demanding sector, has determined that good environmental management is the basis of each one of the phases that our customers require to obtain their final product.

At 2019, our Environmental Management System was certified to standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015.  Since then, year after year, we have been renewing the certification and becoming more and more involved in making environmental improvements in our facilities and in raising awareness at the staff level. With the aim of improving the communication of our environmental improvement activities, with regard to clients and society in general, we have prepared this report, which will be disseminated and updated annually:

Since 2019, VICEDO MARTI SL has been making a great economic effort, continuing with the modernization of the current plant, with the most advanced technology, implementing LEDs in 100% of the installation, incorporating injection machinery with servomotors and hybrids, AEROCOOLERS (DRY COOLER) on the deck of the ship, taking advantage of the outside climate of this area, to lower the temperature of the service water for molds and oil, greatly reducing energy costs and pollutants. Continuing with our modernization plan, at the end of 2021 the cooling system of the injectors with “chiller” refrigerators – already existing on the deck of the ship – has been replaced by a new and complete adiabatic air cooler system, achieving a reduction in consumption. of up to 75%, in addition to significant savings in maintenance, which will be verified next year.

During 2020, a solar roof was installed, with which we have improved the self-sufficiency of VICEDO MARTI SL. Throughout 2021, 19.71 MW h have been injected into the network, and there has been a self-consumption of 200 MW h. This is reflected in the decrease in the carbon footprint of VICEDO MARTI, SL, due to lower consumption of the electricity grid.

At the level of the Environmental Management system, VICEDO MARTI SL has learned from the environment and from leading companies with extensive experience in the sector, acquiring a high level of maturity and involvement, ensuring that the environmental aspects of the company are sufficiently controlled, monitoring , analyzing them and taking actions on them.

Within our policy, we are strongly committed to renewable energies.

Health register

We rigorously follow the good practice manufacturing standards agreed with the General Health Register of Food Companies, and in application of Royal Decree 191/2011 of 18 February. Number RGSEAA 39.005165/A