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We are Vicedo Martí, specialists in
development of plastic packaging and products

At Vicedo Martí we offer plastic injection and blow moulding  solutions to meet our customer needs. We offer innovative ideas in plastic products: to carry them out we have our own moulding workshop. At Vicedo Martí we are specialists in the development of products and packaging for the cosmetic sector.

It is in our facilities located in Ibi (Alicante) where all our production is carried out, Vicedo Martí is a benchmark company in the industry thanks to its capacity for innovation.

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    At Vicedo Martí we have been offering solutions in the manufacture of moulds and plastic injection for more than 30 years. The addition of the extrusion blow molding service in 2022 has been a key turning point for the company.

    In recent months we have expanded our facilities and increased our production capacity, with the aim of continuing to offer the market products with high added value, with innovative ideas for their plastic packaging.

    Vicedo Martí has several clean rooms, each one specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination. Our state-of-the-art injection and blow molding machinery ranges from 80 to 400 tons, manufacturing from small precision components to products of larger dimensions with the highest precision.

    Sustainability and environment


    Vicedo Martí has committed to renewable energies with a solar installation for self-consumption, which generates approximately:

    • 243.336 kWh/year

    • 15% of the energy consumed

    • We avoid emitting 104,635 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere per year.


    Lean manufaturing


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