Integral development of plastic products

Making our customers’ projects a reality since 1988.

At Vicedo Martí we have been offering plastic injection and blow moulding solutions to meet the needs of our customers for more than 30 years. We offer innovative ideas in plastic products, to make your project a reality. Our specialty is the development of products and packaging for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and health sectors.


The aim of Vicedo Martí, S.L. since the beginning has always been to work for the customer. We anticipate their needs in order to offer top quality in all our processes, and with the efficiency and effectiveness necessary to obtain the best results in our products in accordance with our characteristic fundamental values: competitiveness, guarantee and service.

Vicedo Martí has followed the same philosophy since its founding.

  • Our customers: their satisfaction is paramount.
  • Our aim: to offer quality and assurance in a way that is environmentally sustainable and, thus, optimise the value of their investment.
  • Our philosophy: Competitiveness, Guarantee and Service. It is essential that the customer has the guarantee of an optimal result from the start.


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