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Our manufacturing workshop has the latest generation technology which is constantly evolving.


Our range of machinery allows any mould to be manufactured up to 3 tonnes, with all quality and accuracy requirements. We have numerical control machines produced by the German company DECKEL MAHOU and the Swiss company MIKRON, ONA electro-erosion machines and HAUSER drills from Switzerland. The workshop has strictly controlled environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, air flow, internal air pressure and perfect lighting, in addition to being equipped with RFID antennas for tracking and locating molds.

All the moulds manufactured in our company are tested on our own injection machines, so we can guarantee their reliability and effectiveness to our customers. The moulds are also identified with an RFID locator that allows their location to be known at any time.

We have a mould store which is fully compartmentalised using rockwool sandwich panel with RF 120 fire resistance. This guarantees full protection of the moulds in the event of an incident, which provides added value and greater peace of mind to our customers.

The growing needs of the market and our customers have led us to acquire the most sophisticated machinery capable of fulfilling the production needs of our customers.

Mould Store