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Qualified personnel prepare the product to ensure maximum quality and rigour during the process.


The next step after injection is product finishing. Systems such as ultrasonic plastic welding or pad printing are used. Our great added value is that we are specialists in these areas since we fit together and assemble the different components required, and label and pack individual and outer packaging. For this, we have our own assembly lines in a single location, in order to offer the most competitive solution as it allows us to save on labour, logistics and handling.

Ultrasonic plastic welding


Ultrasonic plastic welding generates heat to join the parts and produces a clean welding area with a uniform joint quality. High-frequency vibrations are applied to two parts or material layers by means of a sonotrode. The technique is fast, efficient, non-contaminating and does not require consumables. This welding technology is ideal for assembling parts of different types of plastics.


Pad printing is an indirect marking system by the transfer of ink using a silicon or rubber pad. It is ideal for printing on non-flat parts (curved or rough), with good definition.

We offer support in the scanning and digitalisation of any part for conversion into CAD 3D models. Moreover, we make the initial sketch of the design for decision-making and selection of ideas, and the industrial 3D design of the product.

Pad printing


We have an excellent strategic location for our company in the Ibi Industrial Estate and it has exceptional links with the Mediterranean motorway, Alicante airport and Valencia Seaport, which ensures and facilitates the transport of goods as a final phase of the production process.

We work to continuously improve the efficiency of the production and management system (Quality, Hygiene and Environment). A clean room cleaning protocol is followed, being mandatory to enter all perfectly uniformed company personnel, with a uniform provided by the company and a covered head.

In addition, disinfection of work surfaces is validated by microbiological cultures from taking samples with contact plates.