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Our history

Making our customers’ projects a reality since 1988

Vicedo Martí came into being in Ibi, Alicante, in 1988 by its founder Mr José Vicedo under the name Matricería J. Vicedo in a small premises where the first moulding and ultrasonic welding machines were installed. The current name of VICEDO MARTI, S.L. was adopted in 1997, as a specialist with long experience in the integrated development of plastic products.


Vicedo Martí, as it has grown, has needed to change its location over the years, but always keeping its production, offices and different departments in the city of Ibi (Alicante). In the following timeline, you can check the evolution of the company.

Mr. José Vicedo started his journey with a small moulding workshop located in the old town of Ibi.

He moved to the Casa Pau Industrial Estate where he extended the workshop and created the ultrasonic section.
Mr. José Vicedo set up the Vicedo Martí S.L. company and transferred its facilities to the new Alfaç III Industrial Estate.
Vicedo Martí S.L. extended its facilities in the El Retiro Industrial Estate, and incorporated injection machines and its own warehouse to complete an integrated production system.
The injection, ultrasonic and assembly section was transferred to the Alfaç III Industrial Estate. The company continues to extend its production capacity.
All the sections are brought together at the current facilities located at calle Ávila, of the Alfaç III Industrial Estate.
The purchase of Extrusion-Blow Molding machinery and obtaining the sanitary license for the Installation of Sanitary Products, allows the production of containers for the cosmetics and pharmacy sectors to begin.
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The warehouse section is moved to Avenida del Juguete, to optimize the space in the headquarters and allow the purchase of new machinery in order to increase production and meet the needs of Vicedo Martí S.L. clients.

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