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We manufacture in our “clean room” from small precision components to large products.


Our latest generation machinery ranges from 80 to 400 tonnes, which is used for the manufacture of small precision components up to large products with the highest accuracy. We also offer our clients the possibility of Bi-Injection or Two-component injection, based on the injection of two different materials in the same mold.

All production takes place within a clean room, which is especially designed to obtain low contamination levels. This room has strictly controlled environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, air flow, interior air pressure and excellent lighting.


We have an extrusion-blow molding machine at the service of our clients: It is the Plastiblow PB6ES model. A fully electric blowing machine with reduced energy consumption. Its consumption values are among the most efficient in the sector. In addition, its environmental impact is very low, not using hydraulic oil.

Blow molding is different from the plastic injection process in that it uses air pressure to expand the plastic in a mold cavity. This process is used in the manufacture of one-piece, thin-walled hollow plastic parts, such as bottles and containers. Containers intended for highly demanded sectors, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

  • Injection-Blow moulding. For the manufacture of all types of PET packaging
  • Extrusion-Blow moulding. For the manufacture of all types of PP, PETG and PE packaging. We have machinery for IML (IN MOULD LABELLING) extrusion-blow moulding manufacture of packaging, with the packaging directly decorated in the mould.


It maintains a pressure level slightly above that outside the room, so that when the doors open the air leaves, and air from the outside contaminated with micro-organisms cannot enter.

Its walls are vinyl lined and the corners are rounded to prevent dirt accumulation.

Furthermore, the operators must dress in special uniforms so that they do not carry contaminants or generate dust particles.


VICEDO MARTI offers an option that is currently in great demand, which is tailored packaging for the cosmetics and health sectors. For its customisation, we have the following options for the production process:

  • IML/PML, the highest quality labelling solution, the label is integrated into the final packaging.
  • IMD involves decorating during the injection process, by placing the previously printed and formed film in the mould. It facilitates quick design changes: colours (by screen printing), finishes (satin, glass, chrome, metallic, etc.), textures (smooth, brushed, etc.)
  • PML: Post Mould Labelling allows smaller batches to be produced, of medium or low volume.
  • Screen printing: Screen printing is a practical solution that can be a one-off or not, generally linked to cosmetics.

We work under standards ISO9001: 2015 / ISO14001: 2015 , to continuously improve the efficiency of the production and management system (Quality, Hygiene and Environment).
A clean room cleaning protocol is followed, being mandatory to enter all perfectly uniformed company personnel, with a uniform provided by the company and a covered head.

In addition, disinfection of work surfaces is validated by microbiological cultures from taking samples with contact plates.