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At Vicedo Martí we have recently installed a defibrillator in our facilities. The places where defibrillators are installed are commonly known in Spain as “Cardiac Protected Areas”. So, what does it mean?

It means that the company has an installed AED and some teammates are prepared for a cardiac emergency.

A Cardiac Protected Area has the necessary equipment and personnel to take care of people who have suffered a cardiac arrest during the first minutes when the emergency services are notified to be informed of the situation.

This area is usually adapted with AED (Automatic external defibrillator) defibrillators. The operators who use it must have received specific training to do everything possible for the victim to survive. The defibrillators must be able to analyze the victim’s heart rhythm and provide electric shocks until the rhythm is compatible with life.

In the event of a cardiac arrest, prompt treatment with an automated external defibrillator can save lives. Cardiac arrests are one of the most common causes of death in the world. It is not only necessary to detect the problem as soon as possible, but also to act in less than 5 minutes after the collapse.

Having a trained team in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as in the use of a defibrillator is essential. At Vicedo Martí we are committed to the health of our employees and having a defibrillator can speed up action in the event of an emergency.

Vicedo Martí is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CPR manikins (PractiMan), present in more than 50 countries.